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“...And the verdict after my first session? Well I signed up immediately to join the group properly, which hopefully tells you all you need to know!..."

I recently moved to Hythe from London. I had recently joined a HiiT class there, and so was keen to continue with something similar when I moved – and to join a class quickly so I wouldn’t get out of the habit! I found details of the Hythe Beach Bootcamp online before I moved and when I messaged Louise,  her response was quick and really positive. She invited me to join an initial taster session, which was a great way to trial the group before committing.

Joining a new exercise group on my own and in a new area was challenging for me, but I needn’t have worried, as Louise and the group were really welcoming.  I have never done a bootcamp type class before and certainly not outside, so I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a bit apprehensive about my ability to keep up.  Yes there are people in the group who are much fitter than me, but Louise is really good at offering alternative levels of each exercise we undertake and suggesting amendments if necessary. So the class genuinely does cater for all abilities.

I am loving exercising outside – this is a game changer for me! In my first session we had sun, rain, wind and even a few hailstones, but everyone kept going and it was all very good humoured! Louise is a really positive and enthusiastic teacher, and this energy communicates to the class. She takes the time to watch how you are tackling each exercise and suggests corrections to technique in a very constructive way. The class is challenging (in a good way) but it is fun too.




“...I have definitely noticed an increase in my strength (both physical and mental) and feel very motivated to keep improving and a lot of this has come from you, thank you!..."

Having had a big break from fitness to have two children relatively close together, I was starting to exercise using youtube workouts but wanted more and to workout with others outside.

Before joining, I did worry a little that I would be too unfit to manage to do it all and would be intimidated by others that had a higher level of fitness. However, I needn’t have worrried as I have really enjoyed it.  There have been a few key advantages to working with you:

– coaching me to do the exercises properly

-pushing me past my comfort zone (this is something that doesn’t happen on my own) and motivating me to come to classes

-varying the workouts to make it more interesting as well as better for my body and also so I have learnt the correct way to do lots of new exercises.

-being outdoors and meeting others

Also, any minor reservations about being intimidated etc were instantly quashed.  You are lovely to work with!




"...I feel good about myself at the end of each session. A feeling of pride as I walk back home along the sea front. I feel accepted, part of the group and am making some new friends at the same time as becoming more healthy..."

I used to walk past the Hythe Beach Bootcamp group on the seafront when I walked my dog and it made me really quite envious because it was the kind of exercise I used to do (albeit in classes in a gym and not such a wonderful location), but as I am now a grandmother in my fifties I felt that maybe it was no longer something I could consider. I hadn’t properly exercised, except for a lot of walking, for a few years as work had taken over and was quite nervous of embarrassing myself.

I plucked up the courage to approach the group and Louise was so friendly, as were all the other girls in the group that I soon found I could relax.

My level of fitness is not as good as the others, but that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone. Louise will suggest alternative, low impact, training if I am struggling and I get great encouragement from her and from the other girls. Added to this there is a fun atmosphere and a lot of laughter!

Brilliant – big thanks to Louise and all the girls!




"...Bootcamp has given me so much more than just an improved fitness, just exercising outside, whatever the weather, is exhilarating in itself. Having camaraderie from fellow bootcampers is essential and makes some of those tough workouts actually fun!..."

I initially approached Lou about joining bootcamp as I had started running about two years previous and seemed to be plagued with injury after injury, so wanted to work on some strengthening techniques to support my running. Also, when I was injured and couldn’t run I felt quite despondent so by having access to another form of fitness would help me to continue exercising which would help both physically and mentally.   

I must admit, I was a little nervous about joining bootcamp, I’d had a recommendation from a friend, who had encouraged me to give it a try, but was still worried about it being ‘cliquey’. In addition, although my cardio was at a good level I had no upper body strength at all so was concerned about not being able to keep up with the group.

That said, the group were welcoming and supportive, and encouraged me just as much as Lou did. It wasn’t full of ‘fitties’ talking about their perfect diets, it was a group of women, of all ages and shapes, who chatted about their over-indulgence at the weekend, their struggle to muster the enthusiasm to get to bootcamp on a cold and wet January morning and their sense of humour at forgetting what they were supposed to be doing in the workout! Normal people just trying to be a bit fitter and healthier – not scary at all!

I have now been a regular member of bootcamp for over two years, and in that time Lou has worked hard at understanding me as a person and a client. She knows what my strengths and weaknesses are and encourages me to push a bit harder, even when I think I can’t, she believes I can and generally she’s right! She recognises when I’m struggling and offers options to make the exercise achievable and will also comment when maybe she knows I’m not working as hard as she knows I could or opting for a lighter weight, by her questioning me, makes me step it up a bit. Being pushed is hard, but it’s what I’m there for, and if she didn’t call me out she wouldn’t be doing her job! On the same note, when I am recovering from injury she is acutely aware of making sure I don’t over do it, giving me alternative exercises which won’t aggravate the injury. And constantly checking that what I’m doing is ok and comfortable.

It’s difficult to measure a specific result as everything happens gradually, it’s not until you try something you haven’t done for a while and realise it’s easier or you can actually do it now – like the monkey bars for example! That was a massive measure of how much my upper body strength has improved. 

My running pace has also improved, I’ve managed to knock 25 seconds off my min/mile since January, and that included a six week break from running due to injury. But during that time I continued with bootcamp, so my fitness levels didn’t drop and have come back stronger. This has been so important, to be able to keep exercising through injury, and Lou has been brilliant at finding alternatives for me, whilst assuring me that I will be able to run again, and not to rush it!! 




"...not only do I feel healthier , my confidence has improved immensely..."

I had been looking for a new fitness class for a while after being too intimidated to join a gym and wanting something a little more personal.

On my first session I was very nervous , but needn’t have been, Louise put me at ease straight away.  Louise has a way of pushing to get the best out you without compromising your technique.

The class has all different levels of fitness and ages but the ladies are lovely and full of encouragement.

Overall I’ve lost 15 inches over my whole body.

Louise has encouraged me not to concentrate on what’s on the scale and concentrate on how I feel.




"...since joining Hythe Beach Bootcamp I feel like I am slowly returning back to my old self, the one before I became a tired mum. I feel stronger, not just physically but especially mentally. And I've lost about 8 kilograms, which is a result of exercising and eating a lot healthier..."

I found Hythe Beach Bootcamp through Instagram, where I saw Louise’s post about the Little Black Dress Challenge.  I am a mum of two, I have two boys and the last six years since my eldest was born has been quite challenging as they are both autistic, did not sleep and demanded all my energy and attention. I felt constantly tired and unfit, and not really myself to be honest.  But as my youngest started school and life slowly started coming back to me, I decided to give Hythe Beach Bootcamp a go and thought the 6 weeks Little Black Dress Challenge was a good start as it also gave us nutrition advice.  My main concern prior to signing up was not being able to do it, or not to keep motivated to continue, but with Louise’s support it soon became an enjoyable escape from family life and I quite soon started to notice the positive results, physically and mentally.

Louise is a great trainer, who always spurs you on no matter what level you are at.  She has never made me feel silly for not being able to do something, which I sometimes have felt in the past.  She praises all of our efforts and its a great little group to be part of.

Thanks Lou for all your great support and endless energy!



Helping you build a fit body and a strong mind