Helping you build a fit body and a strong mind

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Personal Training can help you…


Reach your personal fitness and health goals...

which create a good work/life balance through bespoke programming.  Reach realistic, achievable and sustainable lifestyle changes which take into account your home, family and work.


Feel more motivated...

as you see and feel the changes to your body and mindset.  We will fully use our sessions together for the maximum benefit with lots of variety in how we approach your goals.  My support to you is ongoing between sessions to ensure you stay on track and are ‘held accountable’.


See and feel results quickly...

with a tailored plan just for you, based on your targets, posture, movement and mobility assessments.


Get stronger from the inside out...

I will ensure your body is ready, able and willing to make the adaptations you desire safely and strongly.


Push you...

gently to limits you never thought or knew were possible and surprise yourself with what your mind and body can achieve.

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Personal Training Client Success Stories


Rosie, PT Client

I started my personal training journey with Lou back in June 2020. When I started, I was at my heaviest weight and at my lowest with my body confidence. Fast forward to July 2021 and I can safely say that this journey has been life changing for me- not only has Lou helped me achieve great results with my body, but also with my mind and overall wellbeing. I am now a healthier, happier and more confident version of me – and I love it!

I was always the type of person to avoid exercise but I’ve learnt to enjoy it, and have made changes in my lifestyle that I genuinely think are imprinted forever. I can’t thank Lou enough for pushing me to do my best and give everything my all, and for teaching me so much about fitness and nutrition. If anyone is considering booking Lou to help them with their journey, I would urge you to absolutely go for it! I couldn’t recommend Lou enough! I can finally say that I’m in a great position and mind set in my life – yes I worked bloody hard to get here, but wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

Thank you Lou, I’ll be forever grateful.


Rebecca, PT Client

I am so glad that I started having regular personal training sessions with Louise.  She is great at motivating me to work out hard, even when I didn’t think I had the motivation just prior to the session.  The zoom sessions work perfectly for me, as they are easier to fit in around working from home and childcare, and I don’t need to spend time driving anywhere.   

I have been particularly impressed at the care and attention around my lower back problems (slipped a disc a few years ago, and on-going intermittent back pain).  As my strength, flexibility and posture is improving, my flare-ups are becoming less frequent and less severe.

Never boring or repetitive, no two sessions are the same and I always feel better at the end of a session.

I can’t recommend Louise enough. 

Rosie’s Before and After Pictures

Hythe Beach Bootcamp | Rosie 3
Hythe Beach Bootcamp | Rosie 2
Hythe Beach Bootcamp | Rosie 1

Personal Training Plan Options

Because of the bespoke nature of personal training, there is no one size fits all plan. Contact me using the form below, by email at phone or text on 07966 935 335 or message me on facebook or instagram

Helping you build a fit body and a strong mind